Pranab Doley

Bokakhat LAC, Assam

Pranab Doley, an indigenous rights activist from Assam is a
first-generation learner and a scholar from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Visva Bharati. Belonging to the ethnic community called Mising, his life revolves around the struggles and smiles of the people living in adjacent villages of Brahmaputra and Kaziranga.

Pranab Doley

Being a founding member of Jeepal Krisak Sramik Sangha, a mass organization, he has been leading land and farmers rights movements and workers/labourers struggle against injustice in the constituency. His efforts to mobilise the youth to work as cooperatives has brought immense success and hope to a stagnant agrarian economy of Bokakhat. Undeterred by ruling authority’s vendetta of multiple arrests on false charges, Pranab Doley is entering active electoral politics to fulfil the dreams long envisioned by the people of the constituency.

Recognising the need to represent their voice in policy changing space, the people of Bokakhat are fielding Pranab Doley as their MLA candidate for the state assembly elections of 2021.

Pranab Doley has been voicing the concerns of the land in various national as well international platforms like …. (links to be added) His action-based research on human-forest relationship in Kaziranga has paved the way to a dialogue focused on the forest dwellers side of the story. (links to be added) Along with activism, he is also passionate about music, farming, and cooking ethnic flavours.

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Bokakhat, Assam, Pin - 785612